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Chenel Property Management, LLC -
11 Computer Drive West Ste. 212, Albany - (518)269-3122

About Chenel Property Management, LLC:

Capital District and CNY Leatherstocking Region Property Management Services   Chenel Property Management, LLC is a full service property management company serving clients in both the Capital District and CNY Leatherstocking Region.  We manage investment properties ranging from two family homes to large residential apartment buildings.  Our offices are conveniently located on Computer Drive West, just off Wolf Road, and in Richfield Springs just 10 minutes to Cooperstown NY.   Our team includes real estate brokers and apartment management specialists.  Our diversity allows us to provide you with a full line of property management tools.  Services include:   1. Advertising, showing and securing tenants for your residential units; 2. A-la-carte maintenance and repair services; 3. Responding to tenant complaints; 4. Collecting rents; 5. Administrative services related to real estate taxes, utilities, etc.; 6. Tenant compliance with terms of lease agreements; 7. Eviction and collections services; 8. Legal services provided by our in-house legal counsel; 9. Ask about our full line of real estate listing, sales and purchasing services.       Chenel Property Management, LLC 11 Computer Drive West, Ste. 212 Albany, New York 12205 Telephone: (518) 269-3122 Facsimile: (518) 489-0034 CNY Leatherstocking Region Branch  Telephone:(315) 717-8123 Facsimile:(315) 858-2351 A Professional Property Management Company   NYS Realtor License No.: 10491201209